1st P-Day email.....Yeay!!!!!

(Here a part of Elder Williams' Letter)   

   When I first arrived here I had an awesome experience when I got to actually be in the class with all of the new missionaries who were coming into the mtc from all over the world. It was an amazing experience and I remember feeling an over whelming spirit here that I have not felt in so long. I remember being grouped up with a few sisters who had come from Liverpool England, and Brisbane Australia. and I was able to bear such a strong testimony and through the spirit I could feel of the love from heavenly father. The next day I met my companion for my time here at the MTC and had a fun time getting to know him and those in our district. His name is Elder Cook (No relation to Landon) and he actually is an air force brat too! Though he is actually serving in the Anchorage Alaska mission, along with the other two elders in my district (Elder Strong, and elder Mohr) and two of the sisters (Sister McGee and sister Fambrogh). we have three other sisters in our district. Sister Percel and sister Atwood, are actually going to San Diego like I am while Sister Jordan is going to Nebraska.
Now time for the really good stuff, Conference…..Confrence here was absolutely one of the most amazing experiences I think I have ever had. There was such an amazing spirit and the talks were beyond (Que dorky north london accent) Fantastic! I remember just sitting there and feeling an amazing spirit so much that on average I have two or more pages of notes from each speaker! My favorite talk is hard to really pick out but I will try and find one.  I would like to bear my testimony now, that I know without a shadow of a doubt that this gospel is true. That we have a living prophet on this world today, and that we have a truly loving heavenly father, who loves with all of his being, because he had sent his only begotten son, who was perfect in every manner, to die for us. Just so that we might be able to return home.  I know that he will bless you and Carrie in ways unimaginable. I have seen his blessings here and I know of the truthfulness of the gospel, because I have felt it so strongly here. I have felt his spirit with me and I know that he loves me. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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