P-Day Change

Its been awesome out here and I am having an absolute blast out here in serving on my mission! I have an awesome trainer Elder Myler he is an absolute blast to be out here with and since he is my first companion I know the rest of my mission will be amazing too! I have heard that your first companion sets the tone for your mission and if thats true then these next two years will be absolutly fantastic!
       One thing I thought you may be interested to know also for kind of another count down. I have 103 P-Days remaining till I come home from my mission. Yeah that makes it go by really fast! I am also sorry that I wasn't able to write yesterday, Our mission president has it so we have out P day's on Tuesday, because the temple is not open here on mondays! I also am out in the area called the Imperial Valley, It is a lot like Vegas which makes me feel like I am back home! And yeah being in the Field is WAAAAAAAY different from the MTC and I am loving it here. Plus I am well taken Care of out here. I have an amazing ward and as you can see from some of the pictures I think were sent out, It's alot of fun! I had some awesome lessons and have met so many people out here it is really amazing! I am also glad to hear you and bear are doing well.

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